P.J.Griffin and Sons Ltd.Civil Engineering Contractors, and my day time job

Special Thanks to:

The Coalfields Project , Alloa for awarding us £10,000 to upgrade shop interior in 2009

Increase Programme ( Scottish Executive ) for awarding us £30,000 for major upgrade of shop in 2005

Stirling Council for awarding us £20,000 to purchase a new van (pictured above) in 2005.

National Lottery ( Awards for All ) for awarding us £5,000 for new kitchen facilities in shop in 2005

Stirling Council for their continued support of the work The Grand Boys do.

All volunteers involved with The Grand Boys

Past and Present Grand Boys.

All friends and Supporters.

Without the financial help from the organisations above The Grand Boys would not have acheived the amount of fundraising that has taken place and we will always be gratefull for this.

Thanks also to our patron, Malky McCormick.